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Our expertise in residential and commercial buildings rooftop and ground mounted solar systems for Off grid, Hybrid solar and Commercial On grid solar. Water heater, Water pump and solar security fencing system.

The premier destination if you are looking for best solar at your doorstep. The complete package “designing, installation , executions and service (A&M) annual maintenance or (O&M) operations and maintenance” provider based in tricity -in india. Punjab ! Haryana ! Himachal & Uttarakhand. Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur and Derabassi.

We serve from here entire Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & other states in urban and rural areas along with government subsidy and non subsidy scheme. As per MNRE guidelines and state noms.

Call us now to buy solar energy & solar system in India.FREE support and site inspection with our expert at your place.

Best Solar System based on three major factors Solar panels, Solar inverter, Structure and Solar battery (If applicable). We will help you to identify best solar suitable products for you according to your budget and available space.

Why solar energy?
Electricity charges is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are becoming curious about using solar power/energy to satisfy their electricity needs. is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are becoming curious about using solar power/energy to satisfy their electricity needs. Power cuts dependencies on genset , DG set other equipment are expensive & non eco-friendly technology that’s why people search for other better sources. Solar system for home, school, college, hospital & industries are best choice for cost affecting equipment.

Our best solar products.

At your doorstep on reasonable price along with installation and within assigned deadline as per noms.

Solar system for home is the best option to avoid monthly electricity’s bills & used as inverter for power backup in some rural areas.. To get more details about panels, price, warranty and features. Buy solar products call our expert now.

On grid solar system work on based of net meter function in sunlight generate units for free use. In this function consumer utilize grid connection & solar generate power same time. Solar Net metering function is calculate the actual consumption. For more details or buy solar system call us.

Off-grid solar system & hybrid solar system need batteries, its might be expensive. Mostly its used in rural areas where power cut is major concern. First priority is consumptions remaining power is used for charging batteries.

Solar water heater most common and well known product mostly used for residential and commercial. To know more about use, how it’s work, liters calculation, tank, technical specifications, price and space requirements. Call our expert or schedule appointments online.

Solar water pump is mostly used for agriculture purpose and some commercial use. For features, technologies, pricing, required space and more details call our expert.

Solar street light The photovoltaic cells exchange solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery.

Solar fencing security systems is become most popular in terms of security services from animals and thief. You can check your farm, home, garden with this technology.

Swimming pool water heater is become popular in commercial sector. It’s using very less consumption of electricity by the solar energy. To know more about price cost technical specification factor.

Solar system for hospitals is wonderful choice to minimize the expenses & provide option to convert expense to free source of energy as called solar energy for hospital. About the pricing required space investment infrastructure and load. Call us.

Industrial solar power / Industrial solar energy plant is that the right option to save expensive electricity bills and power backup alternative expensive genset. Government is providing numerous benefits for industrial solar power station to understand more or buy solar panels for Industrial solar call our expert

Solar for schools and college is that the right option to reduce the expense and save more for school and college. In schools or college where the PG options available it’s most vital. Solar Hybrid system and Solar off grid system to avoid the genset expense and electricity bills far more. Call our expert today to buy solar products.

Important Frequently Asked Questions.

Why solar energy?
Electricity charges is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are becoming curious about using solar power/energy to satisfy their electricity needs.Power cuts dependencies on genset is expensive & non eco-friendly technology that’s why people search for better sources.

Solar panels provides a really good alternative as solar power/energy . MNRE (Ministry of new and Renewable Energy) PCPCL ( Punjab State Power Corporation), CREST, HREDA & HIMURJA are promoting solar power and providing Solar subsidy in their respective location Chandigarh, Punjab , Haryana & Himachal Pradesh.

Government of India is promoting solar power systems with the name of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar mission. Promoting subsidy scheme to individual to buy more solar system , Solar panels, On-Grid & solar fencing.

How solar panels work ?
Solar photovoltaic panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity by exciting electrons in silicon cells using the photons of light from the sun. Used to supply renewable energy for your solar for home, school, college, hospitals and other residential and commercial buildings.

From solar system you can use entire electric appliances A/C, Geyser, Freeze, Washing machine or any other heavy and light machinery.

Solar energy are design for three major categories. .

Solar energy for home types
On grid solar system: is mostly use to reduce electricity bills. In ongrid solar system two important items are. Solar panels and Solar on grid inverter. On-grid systems feed electricity back into the electrical grid. In ongrid no power backup it’s work without batteries.

On grid solar system Major drawback when the grid is down, the system might be shutdown.

Off-grid solar system need batteries might be expensive.

Hybrid solar system is most efficient solar system with latest advanced technology. It is having power backup solar power unit generation and live utilization options. As compared with on grid solar system and off-grid solar system little bit expensive.

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