Fencing systems

Solar fencing security systems is one of the best solar product.

This will secure your agricultural land, house, farmhouse and warehouse and many more from thief and animals.

In some states government providing up to 80% subsidy on solar fencing system so called as jhatka system in punjab, haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

Solar security fencing systems in rural areas farmers are well unsecured from animals. Animals destroy crops, fruits, orchard, farm, vegetables. Apple & orange orchard is one of the most famous who is required solar security fencing system.

Solar fencing security systems for farmers agriculture land, Apple, Orange and many more orchard security, vegetables farms is required high security applications to secure area with advanced technology of solar fencing security systems. It’s totally independent system it’s not required any kind of electricity connection so power failure is also is not the concern. Apart from that it’s totally secured system.

Commercial use and campus security also become famous in last few years. Some resorts and large banquet halls also covered with this solar security fencing system.

how solar security fencing system work?

Solar fencing security system is create short shock and creates psychological fear and it’s connected with alarm so alarm system gets activated and alerts the inmates of the protected area, which facilitates them to counter the unwelcome intruders.

Solar fencing benefits.

  • Stay out your place from animals and thieves.
  • Long life solar security system along with alarms & camera (optional).
  • Government subsidy scheme (if applicable).
  • Utilisation of free source of energy solar power.
  • Reduce expensive security and maintenance.
  • Mentally secured from farms, orchard & other selected places.
  • Get more returns from your selected places.
  • Alarm system start alarming within a second.
  • within a brief period of amount it might be installed properly.

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