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The premier destination if you are looking for best solar at your doorstep. The complete package “designing, installation , executions and service (A&M) annual maintenance or (O&M) operations and maintenance” provider based in tricity (Chandigarh) – For urban and rural areas like Qasampur, Bazidpur, Nadian, Dullopur, Amrala, Sangrana, Kaimbwala, Gobindpur, Bhagpur, Bahbalpur, Jitpur, Sarakpur, Bhud, Narainpur, Masumpur, Samanwa, Sabilpur, Ganeshpur, Kanauli, Debar, Palasra, Asrewali, Tarlokpur, Jaswantgarh, Batwal, Shahjahanpur, Toka, Jaspur, Bharauli, Mandlai, Shahpur, Ganauli, Dandlawar, Bhanvli, Golpura, Bagwala, Sultanpur, Tharwa, Kami, Ferozepur, Khangesra, Alipur, Rampur, Dhandaurru, Tibbi, Haruli, Dabkauri, Tabar, Rehawar, Kazampur, Nagal, Samlehri, Bagwali, Bhagwanpur, Haripur, Rahna, Jalouli, Chaunki, Taparian, Kheri, Kakrali, Hangola, Boonga, Badhaur, Manka, Shamtoo, Hangoli, Toda, Pyarewala, Natwal, Nada, Rattewali, Bhanoo, Bihla, Khatauli, Bhareli, Kot, Garhi, Mauli, Bataur, Suketri, Barwala, Chandi Mandir, Raipur Rani, Bir Ghaghar, Ram Garh, Panchkula, Nawagaon Urf Khader, Barauna Chhota, Barauna Kalan, Bhoj Balig, Bhoj Darara, Bhoj Dharti, Bhoj Jabial, Bhoj Kothi, Bhoj Koti, Bhoj Kudana, Bhoj Mataur, Bhoj Nagal, Bhoj Naita, Bhoj Palasra, Bhoj Ponta, Bhoj Rajpura, Bhoj Tipra, Bir Babupur, Bir Ferozari, Fatehpur Viran, Kherwali Palwala, Khet Parali, Manak Tabra, Nagal Moginand, Sukh Darshanpur, Tibi Majra, Raipur Alias Sunderpur.

We serve from here entire Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & other states in urban and rural areas along with government subsidy and non subsidy scheme. As per MNRE guidelines and state noms.

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Best Solar System based on three major factors Solar panels, Solar inverter, Structure and Solar battery (If applicable). We will help you to identify best solar suitable products for you according to your budget and available space.

Why solar energy?
Electricity charges is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are becoming curious about using solar power/energy to satisfy their electricity needs. Power cuts and dependence on genset and other equipments are expensive & non eco-friendly technology, so people search for more and better sources.

Our solar products.

The Important Role Of Solar Battery With Inverter In PV System

The technology that converts solar energy into electric current is called photovoltaic (PV) technology. Silicon-like compounds are capable of directly converting solar energy into electricity. This situation is called the photovoltaic effect. PV systems are mostly installed away from the grid. From an economic point of view, it is used in regions where it does not make sense to pull the electricity grid.
The energy supplied through PV modules is direct current, as in batteries. In this type of systems, generally gel batteries, some deep cycle lead acid batteries and special lithium batteries are used. For this reason, in order to use this energy in facilities and houses, it must be converted into alternating current with an inverter. In addition, thanks to the PV modules, electricity is produced where the energy is consumed, while the electricity obtained from the PV modules can be supplied to the grid with the counter to be installed in the system.
In the case where the consumed energy is high, the owner of the house purchases this difference only from the grid. Uses of Lithium Solar Battery with inverter The Lithium Solar Battery with inverter is used in many sectors, but the sectors that demand the lithium battery with Inverter are those sectors that require the battery and inverter operating at ensuring the functioning compass demanding. The photovoltaic sector is one of the most demanding of Lithium Solar Battery with inverter although it also has great power in the industrial sector and for domestic use whenever the demands are high.
Battery quality is very important for systems separated from the mains. The battery should have a long life and high charging efficiency. It should be resistant to adverse environmental conditions such as temperature. The manufacturers of the Lithium Solar Battery with inverter estimate the duration of the useful life of the Lithium Solar Batteries with inverter with the number of charge and discharge cycles that the battery can last. Importance of Solar Battery with Inverter in Off Grid The importance of the lithium battery is more in PV systems which are separated from the grid, and generally called off-grid solar power system. These types of systems are systems designed to generate energy, store and use energy in places where there is no grid. To produce energy, there must be a certain demand. In cases where there is no demand, the energy produced is stored and then made ready for use. In systems separated from the mains, only DC loads can be fed. In the first place, the DC current obtained through the panels is combined with the DC load disconnect and sent to the charge regulator. The charge regulator also regulates the energy produced based on the battery and voltage values. Subsequently, DC current is accumulated in the batteries. In addition, it is the charge regulator that regulates the task of feeding the accumulated and stored energy with loads.

Second Generation Inverter For Off-grid Solar MPPT Inverter

In small cities and developing and rural areas with limited or no grid access, off-grid solar power has become an increasingly popular energy solution for many. As part of its ongoing efforts to provide convenient access to green energy, residential inverter supplier, has moved to launch its second generation off-grid inverter, comprehensive solution for off-grid power systems, consisting of a built-in MPPT charge controller, AC charger and inverter with a low frequency transformer, allowing for surge power at three times the rated power to support motor-type or inductive loads. Additionally, thanks to its optimized product design and enhancements in both software and hardware, the inverter has an extended life and comes with a 5-year product warranty as standard. It enables power input from multiple sources such as generators, solar, storage battery and grid, with electric power from the grid and the PV system able to operate together to power household loads. The inverter can work with or without batteries, and is compatible with mainstream lead acid and lithium ion batteries, including own lithium ion batteries, which are well-known for their safety and reliability. Its design also includes a Low Voltage Disconnect protection function, allowing a battery with a drop in voltage to first disconnect non-critical loads from the system in order to extend back-up time for critical loads.

Solar for home is the best option to avoid monthly electricity’s bills and also used as inverter for power backup in some areas. To get more details about panels, price, warranty and features. Buy solar products call our expert now.

On grid solar system work on based of net meter function in sunlight generate units for free use. In this function consumer utilise grid connection and solar generate power at the same time. Net metering function is calculate the actual consumption. For more details or buy solar system call us.

Off-grid solar system & hybrid solar system need batteries so its might be expensive. Its a standalone solar systems that rely on batteries to store solar energy for use during the night and day when more electricity is needed than is generated by the solar system.

Solar water heater most common and well known product mostly used for residential and commercial. To know more about use, how it’s work, liters calculation, tank, technical specifications, price and space requirements. Call our expert or schedule appointments online.

Solar water pump is mostly used for agriculture purpose and some commercial use. For features, technologies, pricing, required space and more details call our expert.

Solar street light comprise of, which absorb the solar energy during daytime. The photovoltaic cells exchange solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery.

Solar fencing security systems is become most popular in terms of security services from animals and thief. You can check your farm, home, garden with this technology.

Swimming pool water heater is become popular in commercial sector. It’s using very less consumption of electricity by the solar energy. To know more about price cost technical specification factor.

Solar system for hospitals is wonderful choice to minimize the expenses and option to convert genset expense to free source of energy so called solar energy. About the pricing required space investment infrastructure and load. Call us.

Industrial solar power / Industrial solar energy plant is that the right option to save expensive electricity bills and power backup alternative expensive genset. Government is providing numerous benefits for industrial solar power station to understand more or buy solar panels for Industrial solar call our expert

Solar for schools and solar for college s is that the right option to reduce the expense and save more for school and college. In schools or college where the PG options available it’s most vital for that also. Solar Hybrid system and Solar off grid system to avoid the genset expense and electricity bills far more. Call our expert today to buy solar products.

Important Frequently Asked Questions.

Why solar energy?
Electricity charges is becoming expensive with each passing day and more people are becoming curious about using solar power/energy to satisfy their electricity needs. Power cuts and dependence on genset is expensive & non eco-friendly technology, so people search for more and better sources.

Solar panels provides a really good alternative as solar power/energy . MNRE (Ministry of new and Renewable Energy) PCPCL ( Punjab State Power Corporation), CREST, HREDA & HIMURJA are promoting solar power and providing Solar subsidy in their respective location Chandigarh, Punjab , Haryana & Himachal Pradesh.

Government of India is additionally promoting solar power systems under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar mission and also provide subsidy scheme to individual to buy more solar system , Solar panels, On-Grid & solar fencing.

How solar panels work ?
Solar photovoltaic panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity by exciting electrons in silicon cells using the photons of light from the sun then be used to supply renewable energy for your solar for home, school, college, hospitals and other residential and commercial buildings.

From solar system you can use entire electric appliances A/C, Geyser, Freeze, Washing machine or any other heavy and light machinery.

Solar energy is basically design in there major categories.

Solar energy for home types
On grid solar system: is mostly use to reduce electricity bills. In a on grid solar system two most important items are Solar panels and Solar on grid inverter. On-grid systems feed electricity back into the electrical grid. In On grid no any power backup because it’s work without batteries.

Major drawback of on grid solar system is when the grid is down, the system might not be utilized.

Off-grid solar system need batteries so its might be expensive. Its a standalone solar systems that rely on batteries to store solar energy for use during the night and day times when more electricity is needed than is generated by the off-grid solar system.

Hybrid solar system is most efficient solar system with latest advanced technology. It is having power backup solar power unit generation and live utilisation options. As compared with on grid solar system and off-grid solar system little bit expensive.

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