Water heater

Solar water heater absorb sunlight to heat the water though pipes or panels to be used for your kitchen, bathrooms etc.

The equipment installed on the roof top with a tank to store hot water. It passes this heat to a water tank. This swap is triggered by the thermal regulator, but only when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank.

When there is insufficient Sun-light, the water is preheated and a electric back-up system takes over to bring the water to the required temperature. This hot water cuts out the electricity bill and make available 24 hours usable hot water.

Best Solar Panels in India
Best Solar Panels in India
We strongly suggest buying solar hot water collectors that they need certified. Not only does the test calculate solar dish efficiency and performance, it also tests for durability and reliability. Both are critical for determining the worth of a collector. The results are liberal to the general public and may easily be accessed online.

Solar water heater

Two types of most used solar water heater in India.
1.) Flat Plate Collector (FPC)
These are the most frequent type, is an insulated, weather-proofed box containing a dark absorb-er plate under one or more crystal clear or translucent covers.

Flat plat solar water heater
Flat plat solar water heater

2.) Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)
These are made up of rows of parallel, crystal clear glass tubes. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube, or absorb, covered with a selective coating that absorbs solar energy well but inhibits radioactive heat loss. The air is withdrawn “evacuated” from the space between the tubes to form a vacuum, which eliminate conductive and convective heat loss.

Solar water heater

Solar water heater
Solar water heater
FPC Solar water heating system
We all most aware that apart from electrical geysers mostly used in-terms of solar powered water heaters is flat plate water heaters it’s also called FPC water heating system. It’s expensive as compared with other technology’s. About the life cycle of products and services it’s better. Lots of companies are manufacturing flat plate water heaters and Etc water heater.

Solar water heater price and features.

Solar water heater price it’s starts from approximately INR 20,000 per 100 liters onwards depends on features , warranty and state noms may be it will increase or decrease.

High efficiency with automatic controlled system.
Selected copper along with best performance equipment.
Selectively coating and laser welding.
Stainless steel and G.I both options for tank.
Very high thermal efficiency and stability.
Solar heating system for domestic and hotel.
Industrial usage is also become trend in past few years.
Solar swimming pool heating system.
ETC Solar water heating system
Now the other option Evacuated tube collector it’s also called ETC solar water heater. As comparison with FPC models ETC is little bit cheaper and services is also user friendly that’s why it’s become most popular.
ETC Solar water heater price and features.

ETC Solar water heater price starts from approximately INR 15,000 per 100 liters depends on warranty, extend warranty, some features like electric backup and state noms may be it will increase or decrease.

Heat tubes collectors are also most efficient.
Each tube can work alone so still operates in breakages.
User friendly it’s easy to install and services.
Power backup option is added as per requirement.
Extension of warranty is given by some manufacturing company.
G.I and stainless steel options available for tank.
Heat pump water heating system
Heat pump water heater mostly used for heating and cooling water with air sources. It reduce your electricity bill up to 60% in terms of electricity consumption through geyser.
Evacuated tube collector durability
Although much of the industry debate has centered around efficiency, because it is that the obvious point , we’ve attended focus more on the long-term performance of collectors than on the short-term. The system you put in today should be designed to last a minimum of 40 years. there’s no substitute for quality.

An easy indicator of the standard of the collector is that the warranty. Most accompany a 2-year warranty, although some have stretched this to five years. you would possibly also want to see into the manufacturer. How long has the corporate been in business? a couple of companies are making since the ’80s and ’90s and have continued to place out long-lasting products. you’ll also want to seek out out where the manufacturer is from.

We’ve several companies here that we wish to affect because they’re local from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh. This not only cuts down on shipping and transportation costs, it also allows us some flexibility if we’d like something during a hurry.

Best solar system in India

Climate and Location

Best Solar Panels

In some climates, snow may be a significant think about solar dish performance. Snow can accumulate on the solar collectors and diminish the solar resource.

A flat plate collector will have a definite advantage over other types because it will shed snow alright when installed in climates that have significant snowfall. the massive pane of glass on the front will lose heat, causing the snow to slough off. a problem with the evacuated tube solar dish is that it doesn’t shed snow.

Because the evacuated tubes are such good insulators, little heat escapes, and therefore the snow that accumulates on the tubes can stick for an extended time. Their surface is additionally irregular, so snow packs between the tubes also . we’ve seen instances where roof-mounted evacuated tube collector arrays got full of snow within the early winter and stayed that way till spring, which rendered them completely useless for an honest portion of the year.

The lesson here is to always mount an evacuated tube solar dish at a big angle if utilized in a climate that experiences snow. Also, never flush mount an evacuated tube solar dish during a climate that experiences snow.

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